Learn Spanish in Bolivia

Spanish in Sucre




Bolivia is a country of about 8 million mostly mestizo and indigenous inhabitants that magnificently traverses the Andes Mountain Range. Its landlocked terrain includes the highest capital city in the world, La Paz, and the highest navigable lake, Titicaca.


While Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in South America, its captivating customs and traditions lend it a cultural wealth that more than compensates.


When you learn the Spanish language in Bolivia, you'll get to experience South American native cultures in depth while enjoying the breathtaking, ever-present peaks of the Andes.


Welcome to Sucre, the "white city of the Americas". Located in south-central Bolivia, Sucre was founded in 1538 as a Spanish colonial city; the city today conserves numerous churches, convents and noble homes from this epoch.


Come learn Spanish in Sucre and discover for yourself all that this charming colonial city has to offer.


Want to learn more about Sucre? Discover all that this beautiful city has to offer: things to do, what to see, when to go, interesting little facts and figures and much more!