Bolivia Excursions & Activities

Bolivia Cultural Activities




Bolivia Cultural Activities

As part of our language program, Enforex Sucre offers 2-3 organized activities to get to know Bolivian culture every week. In addition, our center provides a daily schedule of cultural events in Sucre and its surrounding areas, including theaters, museums, and festivals as well as tickets prices.


The most common Bolivia activites and excursions are:


• Visits to local sights and areas of interest

• Dance classes

• Cooking classes

• Parties & fiestas

• Spanish languages videos & movies

• Seminars & discussion groups


Bolivia Weekend Excursions

You can sign up for weekend activities once every 15 days, and we're always willing to plan more. Students may need to pay "out-of-pocket" expenses (bus fare, entrance fees, etc.) summing to no more than 3 dollars per activity.