Learn English in IM Academy Fethiye

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International Mediterranean Academy is developed to facilitate the learning process in a multi-cultural environment for both students and mentors alike. Our institution is fully aware that learning is a process, engages human values and creativity as well as fulfilling professional needs. Alongside the various academic disciplines, IM Academy offers a rich array of English learning programmes.

IM Academy is intended to be a centre for creative and intellectual debate regarding social sciences and the arts. Academics and students will have the opportunity of sharing their knowledge of vocational disciplines and cultures while debating with mother tongue speakers.

One of the major aspirations of IM Academy is to gather students from various countries, and create situations for them to interact with each other, intellectually and creatively by the use of English as the common language in both the business and social world. At the IM Academy the learning process is not restricted to the classroom with standard textbooks, but is considered as an unconstrained, liberated, self-directing experience. Unlike traditional educational institutions, the programmes are designed as condensed curricula in a leisurely atmosphere for adults as well as juniors.

IM Academy is determined to become an inimitable centre of excellence with its dedication to international scholarship programmes and social responsibility projects.