Learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic

Learn Spanish in the Dominican Republic




The Dominican Republic is a gorgeous Caribbean nation characterized by pristine beaches and friendly faces. Known as much for its colonial architecture as for its world-class baseball players, the country makes up two-thirds of the island of Hispañola and is located about 600 miles southeast of Florida. A natural gateway to the Americas between the Panama Canal and Central and South America, this landmass was first discoverd by Columbus on Christmas Day, 1492.


Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish in the Dominican Repulic and enjoy a variety of nature-oriented activities due to the country's diverse landscapes. Hike the mountains, trek through lush jungles and semi-arid deserts, or simply bask in the warm Caribbean sun on white beaches. While the country is a popular tourist destination, much terrain remains unblemished and largely undiscovered.


Whether exploring the island’s natural beauties or dancing to meringue rhythms with locals, the Dominican Republicoffers a vast array of possibilities for the Spanish immersion student.


Students love to take advantage of Santo Domingo's rich cultural offering by going to theaters, museums and cinemas, which are dispersed throughout the city. Best of all, it's set on the island's southern coast, so you'll be just a short trip from the beach. Learn the Spanish language in Santo Domingo and enjoy all it has to offer!


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