Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Learn Spanish in Ecuador




Ecuador is a small, tranquil country nestled between Colombia and Perú on the Pacific Coast of South America. Its population of 12.5 million is mostly of mestizo or indigenous descent.


Learn the Spanish language in Ecuador

a small country boasting an incredible biodiversity, with massive snow-covered volcanoes, the lush tropics of the Amazon and everything in between. This lends to fun activities such as whale watching, kayaking, trekking and mountaineering. If you're interested in the arts, Ecuador is the perfect place to discover centuries-old indigenous traditions such as intricate sheepskin paintings and pottery, sculpture, and gold and silver work.


Add to that myriad archaeological treasures and the finest examples of South American Colonial architecture, and you've got a lifetime worth of cultural studies at your feet.


Ecuadorians enjoy a mild climate and stable weather, which no doubt contributes to their friendly, hospitable attitude. You'll surely ease into their pleasant way of life in no time!


Learn Spanish in Quito

and discover an intriguing city packed with history, cultural offerings and a hodgepodges of sights, sounds and smells. Its Old Quarter, one of the largest and best preserved of the Americas, is a sight in and of itself where you'll find churches, cobblestone streets and charming plazas dating back to the colonial era.


Want to learn a bit more about Quito? Discover all that this unique, colonial city high in the mountains has to offer: things to do, what to see, when to go, interesting little facts and figures and much more!