Guatemala Excursions & Activities

Spanish school in Antigua




At our Spanish school in Antigua, you'll enjoy 3-4 weekly activities to complement your Spanish language course. Most of these are free, however you may have pay out-of-pocket expenses ($1- $3) such as bus fare, entrance fees, etc. The following is just a sampling of the activites designed for you to discover Guatemalan culture:


• Orientation walking tour of Antigua

• Visits to local areas of interest like museums, plantations and farms

• Visits to neighboring (indigenous) villages

• Salsa classes

• Cultural classes

• ¡Fiestas!

• Spanish language videos & movies

• Sports days


Guatemala Weekend Excursions

On weekends, the Spanish school plans special excursions throughout Guatemala and neighboring areas. Prices for these excursions may range from $35 to $200, depending on the duration of the trip and distance traveled. Some examples are...


• Tikal

• Chichicastenango

• Lake Atitlán

• Rio Dulce / Livingston

• Cobán

• Todos Santos

• Copán (Honduras)

• Belize