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Marbella "Albergue" Marbella "Alborán" Marbella "Alemán"


Marbella is the ideal destination for a summer camp. Located on the pristine Costa del Sol ("Coast of the Sun"), full of prestigious school and sports facilities, it's a small, safe city popular with tourists from all over the world. We offer you 3 summer camps in Marbella to choose from on 3 different campuses: Colegio Albergue, Colegio Alborán and Colegio Alemán. Each is carefully designed and geared towards specific age groups, all with 60% Spanish students. Find out more on these pages!



Ages Starting Dates 
Marbella "Albergue" 16 to 18 July
Marbella "Alborán" 13 to 18 July - August
Marbella "Alemán" 5 to 13 July - August


Football + Spanish