ESERP Business School



ESERP Business School is an institution of prestige, both nationally and internationally, which serves the community, and is officially authorized to provide university level education, based on its different program degrees: Spanish Official University Degrees, British Official University Degrees, Official University Masters Degrees and University Masters Diploma Course Degrees, with recognized experience of over thirty years.


Campuses. ESERP Business School


ESERP has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, as well as partner schools in other cities. It is attached, associated with or linked, depending on the case, to the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools, both national and international.


Masters Programs


• Master in Marketing Management

• Master in Human Resources Management and Personnel Management

• Master in Marketing Management

• Master of International Relations and Foreign Trade

• Master's Degree in Management of Family Businesses and SMEs

• Master's Degree in Human Resources Management

• Master's Degree in Tourism Enterprise Management


MBA Programs


• MBA Specializing in International Relations

• MBA in Business Administration

• MBA + Official Master in Strategic Business Planning, Analysis and Decision Making

• International MBA

• MBA Specializing in Tourism

• MBA Specializing in Tourism

• MBA Specializing in Public Relations