International House Nice - French School




International House Nice

is a French language school on the French Riviera offering french courses in France all year round.


The school is situated on the 1st floor of IPAG, one of Nice's most prestigious business schools. An ideal location for our students who can easily meet French students and make use of all the facilities a university has to offer.


School Facilities

• 5 permanent air-conditioned Classrooms (8 extra classrooms in the same building when necessary)
• Reception and administration room
• Staff room with a resource centre
• Computer room and free WiFi connection
• Cafeteria with a terrace
• School garden


On the first morning of the course students sit oral and written tests to ensure that they are accurately placed into a class with students of a similar level. Great care is taken in this process to ensure that the groups are made up of students of similar linguistic abilities. As a result students are neither overwhelmed nor slowed down by others more or less advanced than them. We use the Common European Framework with its 6 levels of competency from A0 to C2, beginner to advanced.


Beginners are lent textbooks and all students are given handouts. Teachers have access to a large resource centre allowing them to keep their course topical, using CDs and DVDs for listening comprehension.


At the end of the course, students are given a certificate detailing the course taken, their attendance and the level of written and spoken French they have reached.