SKOLA - English for Families in London



Many parents come to SKOLA with their children to study English. Parents can study in SKOLA Soho or one of our summer adult centres in central London. Children can study in SKOLA Camden(8-17 years), Gloucester Gate (10-17 years), Hyde Park (10-17 years) or Regents Park(3-9 years), depending on their ages and the time of year.


Children's classes begin at 09:00 and adult classes begin at 10:00, giving parents time to take their children to school.


English for Families. Accommodation

Whilst many parents and children will arrange their own apartments or stay in hotels, for those looking to stay with a home stay, this can be arranged. Accommodation will be in shared rooms and normally in zones 2 and 3 (i.e. between 45 and 60 minutes travelling time from the school) Accommodation will provide breakfast and dinner every day and full board at the weekend. Parents will need to provide their own weekday lunches whilst children will have lunch at the school. Parents are responsible for their own children outside school hours.


English Courses for Families. Fees

Adult: 15 hours per week Soho - £170

Adult: 15 hours per week Baker Street - £195

Adult :20 hours per week Baker Street - £235

Child: Registration fee - £90

Child: English Study Club per week - £475

Child: English for Education/Young English Studies per week - £475


SKOLA. Accommodation Fees

1 adult and 1 child per week - £415

1 adult and 2 children per week - £625

2 adults and 1 child per week - £610

2 adults and 2 children per week - £775

Family accommodation arrangement fee - £100


Transfer Fees

Airport Transfer Arrival/Departure (for up to 3 people including an adult) - £100