Pamplona Excursions & Activities






Every Monday, the staff at our Spanish school in Pamplona will give you an activity plan for that week. Some may be free, but others will include a small charge to cover transportation and entrance fees.


Our friendly staff will be happy to give you information on Pamplona's best spots, from museums and parks to cinemas, theaters, sporting facilities, nightlife and shopping.


The most frequent Pamplona activities offered are:


• Free tour of Pamplona and its historic monuments, 2 days per week

• Visit to the region's wineries

• Spanish movie night

• Social nights out to try tapas and enjoy the city's best bars and restaurants


Weekend Excursions from Pamplona


Among the many regional attractions around Pamplona, we commonly plan trips to:


• Medieval cities on the Way of Santiago like Estella, Puente de la Reina and Olite

• Nature activities like hiking, climbing, potholing, canoeing or skiing